LCL / groupage cargo

We are a specialised operator on LCL (Less than container Load) and LTL (Less than Truck load). Groupage is a very efficient and cost-effective way to distribute goods when volumes are either less or the goods are going to multiple customer addresses.


•decreases the shipping cost, you are paying for the portion of the space you are using.

• For inland, you can either drop or pick up the cargo from the CFS/bonded warehouse where they load or unload the container.

• Transit time will be the same as if you would have ship a full ocean freight container.

• International moving company can also palletize smaller boxes to eliminate shipping cost extra volume charges.

LCL Shipping (Less than Container Load)

We offer LCL service for you, if you don't have enough cargo to fill an ocean freight container, We can offer you space within a container that is shared with other customers’ goods to deliver economical usage-based costing.

Our LCL service includes

LTL (Less than Truck Load)

If shipment is larger than a parcel, but isn’t large enough to qualify as an entire truckload, less-than-truckload (LTL) shipping is what you need. Pitch Transit and Logistic Services offers LTL service for entire Europe.

Our LTL service includes