Cargo insurance

Pitch Transit and Logistic Services recommend all our customers to Protect their organisation from financial exposure because of physical loss of or damage to cargo by purchasing our Cargo Insurance. We can arrange for the insurance of individual shipments or, alternatively, if you perform regular shipments, we can arrange open marine cover which can provide a more cost-effective solution via our underwriters.

In international trade the liability of carriers (freight forwarders, airlines, shipping lines etc.) is limited by law. Compensation may therefore be considerably lower than actual loss. Moreover, conventions are often further limited due to additional exclusions of liability.

In case a shipment is damaged or lost, the insured customer will be compensated for the full replacement value of the goods.

Pitch Transit and Logistic Services believes that properly insuring freight, in conjunction with good physical risk management, is an important way to manage the monetary impact of loss or damage. Our coverage includes options to insure from “warehouse to warehouse,” irrespective of the number of subcontractors involved, and covers common carrier limitations such as: “Acts of God,” terrorism, strikes, riots, and civil commotion risks.